How to use FormAssembly to capture Declarations of Interest from school governors


You need to obtain Declarations of Interest from school governors and the exercise requires sending emails en masse, tracking and recording responses and sending chasers. In summary, highly time consuming


An online Declaration of Interest form that governors can complete with data saved straight into Salesforce. Chaser emails triggered manually or automatically to reduce admin time. Retrieve the DOI data from the previous year to make it easy for the governor to simply amend anything that has changed. Why not take the opportunity to capture updated contacted details at the same time.


  • Create a new object in Salesforce to store Declaration of Interest responses adding all the necessary fields and linking to the Contact object
  • Create an online form using FormAssembly with the Declaration of Interest questions
  • Create an email template inviting the recipient to complete their Declaration of Interest and include a personalised link to the form you created previously
  • Configure FormAssembly so that it updates the Declaration of Interest record and also updates the Contact record so you can see who has or hasn’t completed a survey
  • Map all the FormAssembly fields across to Salesforce


Article by Frazer Lewis : Date posted: 11th November 2016