How to use FormAssembly to capture Application scores from Assessors


You have captured all your Applications in Salesforce and now need to obtain scores from Assessors who don’t have a Salesforce login of their own.


An online Application Assessment form that records scores and comments and saves the responses straight into Salesforce linked to the relevant Application.


  • Create a new object in Salesforce to store Assessor responses adding all the necessary fields and linking to the Application object
  • Create an online form using FormAssembly with the Assessment questions
  • Create an email template inviting the Assessor to submit their scores and include a personalised link to the form you created previously
  • Configure FormAssembly so that it creates an Assessment record and also updates the Application record so you can see who has or hasn’t completed a survey
  • Map all the FormAssembly fields across to Salesforce

Taking this further

You will also need to provide the Assessor with a copy of the Application and the most efficient way to achieve this is via a tool like Conga Composer or Drawloop which can generate a PDF document from data extracted from Salesforce and include as an email attachment. Take a look at Salesforce + FormAssembly + Conga Composerto see an example of how this works

Article by Frazer Lewis : Date posted: 11th November 2016