Grant application process: Online assessment form


Your organisation invites charities to apply for grant funding and the entire process of receiving, evaluating and responding to applications is hugely time consuming. You are tracking everything in spreadsheets and communicating by emails which are not accessible to everyone in the organisation.

In the second of five blog posts that illustrates how the entire grant process and more can be streamlined using Salesforce in conjunction with FormAssembly (online form app) and Drawloop (automated document generation app), we focus on the way assessors receive details about a grant application and how they submit their assessment.

For those of you who find a process diagram useful, here’s the demo grant application process diagram.

Element 2: the online assessment form

The staff member responsible for managing grant applications navigates to the list of grants that need to be assessed and in a couple of clicks, sends them to their allocated assessors for review.

Grant application sent to Assessor


The allocated assessor receives an email with the grant application attached as a PDF (this would normally be anonymised) along with a link to the online assessment form.

Email sent to Assessor with grant application details


Clicking the link will take the Assessor to a form where they can submit their feedback and score. The information they submit will be added to the application record in Salesforce.

Grant assessment form

The next blog will illustrate how the grant administrator Grant administrator progresses a successful application

Article by Frazer Lewis : Date posted: 12th November 2016