Grant application process: Capturing event feedback with low score alert


Your organisation invites charities to apply for grant funding and the entire process of receiving, evaluating and responding to applications is hugely time consuming. You are tracking everything in spreadsheets and communicating by emails which are not accessible to everyone in the organisation.

In the last of five blog posts that illustrates how the entire grant process and more can be streamlined using Salesforce in conjunction with FormAssembly (online form app) and Drawloop (automated document generation app), we focus on capturing event feedback via an online form and generating an instant low score alert that flags issues that have been reported by delegates. Reacting quickly to issues is of course a great way to get things back on track.

For those of you who find a process diagram useful, here’s the demo grant application process diagram.

Element 5: the event feedback form

As soon as a grant contact has been marked as attending the onboarding event, Salesforce will send them an email with a link to a feedback form

Event feedback email


Clicking the link will open the event feedback form

Event feedback form


Feedback is recorded in Salesforce in it’s own section and linked back to the event and the respondent contact

Event feedback record


Should the feedback have a low score, Salesforce will immediately send an email notification to nominated team members alerting them and giving them the opportunity to react quickly.

Low feedback score notification


In the scenario covered in this series of blog posts, we have looked at how data relating to grant contacts, grant applications, grants assessment, onboarding events and event feedback can be captured and stored in the database.  One of the great features of Salesforce is the way data is inter-connected and this can be illustrated in the following screenshot of the grant contact at the end of this process. All this data is visible from a single record and accessible via a single click.

Data in one place


In a future blog series, we will take a look at the various ways Salesforce can provide powerful  insights into data being capturing via forms. Here’s a sneak peek at a typical Dashboard that auto refreshes overnight and provides an easy to understand overview of key metrics at a glance.

Key metrics dashboard

Article by Frazer Lewis : Date posted: 12th November 2016